Let's Cook Tonight!
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About Gigi

35Gigi started working in the beauty business 25 years ago. She attended extensive training sessions with a professional makeup artist who does the makeup for top models in the beauty industry.

She has worked with countless women of all ages, skin tones and face shapes. Her knowledge about skin care, cosmetics and color application is extensive. She knows how to enhance a woman’s best features and bring out her natural beauty. She consistently practices makeup application to keep her skills current.

When Gigi married 31 years ago, she didn’t know how to cook. Dinner was something that came from a can and was eaten on a TV tray in front of the television. As a new bride, she wanted to create consistent, quality time with her husband. She decided to learn how to cook and how to make dinnertime special. With her husband’s encouragement, she mastered cooking, menu planning and making dinnertime a warm, fun, family event.

Believing that traditional cookbooks and celebrity chefs make cooking look difficult and time consuming, Gigi wrote Let’s Cook Tonight. Her cookbook makes cooking, shopping and menu planning a breeze for the novice or experienced cook.

Gigi believes that dinnertime is a perfect time to take a break, get away from the world and recharge your batteries. For her, dinner is one of the most important times of the day. The best way to spend it is  to be with family and friends for quality time to share, talk and listen.  Nothing pleases Gigi more than inviting friends in for dinner to enjoy her stunning table, homemade food and spirited conversation.

Gigi combined her love of cooking and her love of the beauty business into Gigi Centaro, LLC. Her passion is to help women feel better by looking their best, to help people feel better by eating healthier and to strengthen families by eating more dinners at home.

Gigi resides in Tucson, Arizona.

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